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A Taste of New Zealand in a Box!

Kiwiana themed gift boxes and care packages to gift to your loved ones, no matter the occasion!


Each gift box containing the finest Kiwiana sweets & treats!

The Kiwiana Box is a New Zealand brand that embodies the quintessential New Zealand life, each New Zealand gift box contains a multifarious mix of iconic quality items which scream Kiwiana - choice ay!

We celebrate the culture of fish and chips on the beach, summers spent eating hokey pokey ice-cream, where sheep jokes are not a thing and jandals are a wardrobe staple. A gift box for every occasion, perfect for sending overseas or to the neighbour down the road. Each box is iconic offering the ultimate true-blue Kiwiana experience!

"Quality Packaging Screams Kiwiana..."

Just wanted to express how impressed I am, the quality packaging screams Kiwiana and I just love the detailed thought gone into the New Zealand gift boxes. My friend sent me photos once it arrived and was so impressed with the women's pamper..." - Kelly, Napier

"Perfect for sending a piece of New Zealand overseas.."

Thank you Kiwiana Box - I sent the Buzzy Bee Box to my daughter who had a baby and is in the UK, she loved it. Perfect for sending a piece of New Zealand gift box overseas..." - Rita, Auckland

"Nothing else online quite like it..."

I love the concept, there is nothing else online quite like it -  Kiwiana themed everything including all the items inside. I bought a box each for my sister and brother, love how each item is so iconic to New Zealand... - Rico, Te Awamutu

"Easy to work website, will buy again.."

It arrived so quickly! Easy to use website, will buy off here again. A very happy mum too, thanks so much. Fathers day is coming up soon so I'll be visiting then... - Kelsi, Dunedin. 

Tell me more about The Kiwiana Box?

The Kiwiana Box is an online luxury New Zealand gift box boutique. Each box is uniquely Kiwiana themed containing a collection of quality New Zealand themed goodies within a beautifully designed and wrapped gift box. You will not find anything on the market that's more Kiwi than The Kiwiana Box!  Our unique packaging includes everything from your favorite Kiwi icons, your very own New Zealand slang starter guide to the famous Kiwi Dip recipe, and this is just the packaging! Indulge in your very own Kiwiwana Box to experience it for yourself!Think of us as your personal gift specialists who send quality New Zealand themed boxes of goodness to your loved ones within New Zealand and overseas. Perhaps you’d like to send a taste of New Zealand as a thank you gift? Celebrate a birthday? congratulations present? New baby? Will you be my bridesmaid? Christmas? Care package to cure homesickness? A welcome gift to guests? Or anything else in-between? The Kiwiana Box has you covered! 

Each box is carefully handpicked, packed and wrapped here in New Zealand. We do all the hard work of designing, packing and wrapping and you gain all the pleasure of sending! So much thought and care goes into each box, to ensure your receiver responds with a squeal of joy!

Each product included within your Kiwiana Box represents a small piece of New Zealand whether that be Feijoa flavoured chocolate, Kiwi fruit Jam, Rotorua Mud face masks, Paua shell coasters, Kiwi Buzzy bee pull along toys or chocolate Fish. They are all iconic and all scream New Zealand!

We look forward to creating a taste of New Zealand which you will be more than proud to give!

Love the Kiwiana Box xx

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